Each Zodiac Sign’s Luckiest Day Of The Month For January 2023

In the first month of a brand-new year, you are reminded that luck is as much something you enjoy as it is something you create.

For many, the end of the year was challenging as it felt like the lucky break or moment was just out of their reach.

You had dreams and desires and were starting to make plans, yet no matter what you did, it felt like it never got any closer.

As the new year begins, the month ahead has Mercury, Mars, and Uranus turning direct.

This represents an intensely lucky time for all zodiac signs as it begins until April 21, 2023, when all planets will be direct.

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When all planets are directed, you are encouraged to take action and create change within your life, which is exactly what allows you to choose and create lucky outcomes.

Having all planets direct for about four months is an extended period, which means that as Uranus turns direct on the 22nd, the last planet to do so, you are being freed from the limitations that have set you back.

It is truly an amazingly lucky time to trust the universe and know in your heart that it is time to act.


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