Each Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Love Horoscope For January 9 – 15, 2023

In the week ahead, as Mars finally turns direct in Gemini and asteroid Juno enters Aries, it is releasing the floodgates of freedom so that you can commit to what you are truly passionate about.

It is often considered an oxymoron that the more deeply committed you are, the freer you are.

Yet, this only applies to healthy, conscious relationships that make you feel more like yourself.

When you commit fully and wholeheartedly, you focus your energy on a singular place that sends a different vibration to the universe affecting every other facet of your life.

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This week, as Mars turns direct in Gemini and asteroid Juno enters Aries, it will become much more able to do so.

Mars rules action, motivation, and passion. Currently, in Gemini, Mars has been asking you to ponder the difference between your soul’s choices and those of your ego.

Now that it is turning direct, you can take what you have learned and feel greater freedom to move ahead in all the ways you have been dreaming of, just as Juno joins Jupiter in Aries.

Juno, the asteroid, is associated with the goddess of love and marriage, and it rules commitments, agreements, and contracts.

In Aries, it is focused on its goal and is not letting anything stop it; joined by Jupiter, it represents lucky, expansive energy to help you create the relationship and the life you desire.


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