James Holzhauer Weighs In After 3-Day Jeopardy Champion Goes On Epic Rant About The Show

Jeopardy! is held in high esteem by his fans and former players, and there’s proven to be little tolerance for those deemed not show the game a proper amount of respect. So it’s no surprise that former three-day champion Yogesh Raut came under fire for absolutely decimating the show in an epic social media rant, after fans accused him of bad sportsmanship following his loss. James Holzhauer had strong feelings about the situation – as did executive producer Michael Davies – with the super-champ calling for a “lifetime ban” of Raut. Let’s break down this latest Jeopardy! drama:

Yogesh Raut Calls Out Jeopardy! In Multiple Facebook Rants

Yogesh Raut, who is apparently a well-known name among the quizzing community, appeared on Jeopardy! beginning January 11, winning $96,403 in three victories before getting beat. Raut rubbed some viewers the wrong way with his confidence, and he was accused of being a sore loser after some thought he refused to congratulate Katie Palumbo after she beat him in his fourth game.

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