Saturday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: The Bills Game, the Little Dilemma, Trading Teddy, and More

Part 2 of the pre-Bills game SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From FinsUpMass (@paulbdotcom);

I think Miami can win. But I am worried about Von Miller. Are our backs capable blockers – we will need them to account for him on stunts?

Hey Paul, that’s a good question because we just haven’t seen them have to do a lot of pass blocking so far. Alec Ingold clearly would be able to handle that task to some degree, but maybe we’ll find out about the backs, although we shouldn’t expect Miller to come in free on a running back because it should be up to the O-line to slow him down.

From David Triana (@davidtriana_):

If Greg Little plays very well against the Bills defensive line, how does that affect a potential return for Austin Jackson? Or does it solidify Little as the answer at right tackle going forward this season?

Hey David, that’s always a good question whenever somebody leaves the lineup for a few games and my answer is always that if things are going great with the new guy, then why take the chance of messing up a good thing. There are exceptions, of course, but unless you’re talking about A-type players, you have to adjust and not have a hard rule of “you can’t lose your job because of an injury.” I say you can if your replacement outperforms you. That said, I don’t know what Mike McDaniel’s philosophy is on the matter yet.


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