Super Mario Bros. Movie Cast Side By Side With Their Characters

ICYMI, we received a new trailer for the highly anticipated The Super Mario Bros. Movie this week, and as a human person who played almost exclusively Nintendo content as a kid, to say I’m obsessed with it would be an understatement.

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I popped when they revealed Rainbow Road at the end of the trailer as if I was watching a debut at the Royal Rumble or something.

So I figured it’s high time we met all of the voices who will be behind some of the most iconic video game characters of all time! Ready? Let’s go:

As people of the internet, y’all probably already know this — you are on the internet reading this post right now, after all — but when it was announced that Pratt would take on the role of the plumber turned princess rescuer back in late 2021, it became almost instant meme fodder.

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While this isn’t by any means Pratt’s first foray into voice acting for animation — he also voiced the lead character in the unexpected hit The Lego Movie — people remain skeptical about whether the galaxy guardian will come through with the true “It’s-a me”-level performance the character demands. Only time will tell if his princess (ability to perform the role) is, indeed, in another castle (not this movie).


Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach:

Over the past decade, Taylor-Joy has delighted us as an indie darling in the weirdest possible movies imaginable. From The Witch to Emma to this year’s The Menuthe 26-year-old has no shortage of interesting roles, and she now gets to add my go-to character in Mario Kart to it!

While the princess’s exact role in the film is still unclear, it’s unlikely that she’ll need too much rescuing — I mean, just look at this jumpsuit:

Day will grace our screens as Green Mario – JK, Luigi. And we’ve already got a taste of the taller of the brothers running for his darn life, courtesy of the initial teaser, so we can definitely expect some Luigi’s Mansion vibes from him.

Taking on the role of the biggest bad of the MCU (the “Mario Cinematic Universe,” of course), Black will become the mighty king of the koopas, Bowser.

Black is, obviously, an iconic and beloved actor and will absolutely dominate the role. There’s nothing more to say — it’s 10/10 casting. Bowser is hardcore because he lives hardcore.


Keegan-Michael Key as Toad:

TOOOOOAD! The man who put the “Key” in Key & Peele will star as everyone’s favorite mushroom man!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s going to sing! A song! That he wrote! Key said of the experience, “I got to improvise a song, which was an absolute blast. That was just a stick of fun, that whole thing.”


Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek:

As fans of the franchise will know, Kamek is a very powerful Magikoopa who loves using his magic to be mischievous and to annoy the living heck out of me and my friends while we play Super Mario Party.

Richards is best known for his absolutely marvelous deep voice, with his credits including Goro from the Mortal Kombat franchise and Captain Gantu in the Lilo & Stitch franchise.


Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong:

That’s right! From animated warthog to animated giant ape, Rogen will be taking on the role of the slap-happy Donkey Kong. Will we hear Rogen’s iconic laugh as someone falls on a banana peel? Only time will tell.

Either way, the internet is definitely excited about one very specific thing (the butt — I’m talking about Donkey Kong’s butt):

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Khary Payton as the Penguin King:

As seen in the incredible first teaser trailer, the Penguin King is very small but very powerful, and we’ll see him send his troops into the fray to face Bowser – to some not-so-great results.

Payton’s smooth tones will lend the land-bound bird his voice. The actor is best known for his roles as King Ezekiel on the horror drama series The Walking Dead and dr. Terrell Jackson on General Hospital.


Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong:

The Portlandia alum will take on the role of Cranky Kong, who, you guessed it, is an older, crankier member of the Donkey Kong franchise, and the grandfather to the main Kong himself.

Whatever the elder’s role is in the film, Armisen is sure to bring his trademark deadpan delivery to the family!

And last but certainly not least…


Charles Martinet — the original voice of Mario — will appear in the film as multiple “surprise cameos”:

Given the “surprise” part of “surprise cameos,” we don’t know for sure who Martinet will pop up as throughout the film, but I think I speak for Mario fans everywhere when I say we’re just happy to have him involved !

Well, there you have it! How excited are you for the movie? Is there any specific Easter egg you’re hoping to see? Share in the comments below! And be sure to catch The Super Mario Bros. Movie when it hits theaters April 7, 2023!

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