How the police-custody death of Mahsa Amini became Iran’s ‘George Floyd moment’

It’s being called Iran’s “George Floyd moment.” On Sept. 13, Mahsa Amini, an aspiring 22-year-old lawyer, was arrested by Iran’s morality police for allegedly wearing her hijab in a way that made some of her hair visible. Three days later, she was dead. Eyewitnesses said she was beaten to death in police custody. Police claimed … Read more

Singapore’s pre-execution photos seek to soften a policy activists say doesn’t work

Hong Kong CNN – Nazira Lajim Hertslet can’t help but gush over pictures of her brother Nazeri. “Doesn’t he look so tall and so handsome,” she said of a series of photos of the 64-year-old grandfather dressed in casual wear. He smiles in one photo, standing tall against a white floral curtain and even comes … Read more