China using civilian ships to enhance navy capability, reach

China using civilian ships to enhance navy capability, reach

BANGKOK (AP) — A Chinese scientific ship bristling with surveillance equipment docked in a Sri Lankan port. Hundreds of fishing boats anchored for months at a time among disputed islands in the South China Sea. And ocean-going ferries, built to be capable of carrying heavy vehicles and large loads of people. All are ostensibly civilian … Read more

Semiconductor alliances between the US and Asia could hold back China

Leading chipmaking nations including the US are forming alliances, in part to secure their semiconductor supply chain and to stop China from reaching the cutting-edge of the industry, analysts told CNBC. Places including the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which have strong semiconductor industries, have looked to forge partnerships around the critical technology. … Read more

Chinese researchers clone an Arctic wolf in ‘landmark’ conservation project

Hong Kong CNN – Researchers in China have cloned a wild Arctic wolf – and they’re hoping the controversial genetic technology can now be used to help save other species under threat as the world edges towards an extinction crisis. On Monday, the Beijing-based company Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the female wolf clone, named Maya by … Read more

Hong Kong police arrested a man who played harmonica at the Queen’s vigil on suspicion of sedition

Editor’s Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Meanwhile in China newsletter, a three-times-a-week update exploring what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it impacts the world. Sign up here Hong Kong CNN – A man was arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of sedition after playing the harmonica … Read more

China quarantine bus crashes, killing dozens and prompting fresh outcry over draconian “zero COVID” policy

Taipei, Taiwan — A nighttime bus crash that killed 27 people in the southwest China this week has set off a storm of anger online over the harshness of the country’s strict COVID-19 policies. The initial police report did not say who the passengers were and where they were going, but it later emerged that … Read more

China’s ‘DINK’ generation—double income, no children—is increasing economic stability

In Beijing’s Chaoyang district, 32-year-old ‘Peter’ Liu has created his vision of what an ideal millennial life in modern China should look like. He shares his 680-square-foot apartment with his girlfriend, who goes by Cecilia, and their energetic, bread-colored French bulldog named Sweet Potato. According to Liu, he earns “pretty decent” money selling insurance. With … Read more

Monkeypox in China: Don’t touch foreigners, says senior health official after first case emerges

CNN – A top Chinese health official has warned people against touching foreigners, a day after mainland China confirmed its first case of monkeypox. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, wrote on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo on Saturday that the country’s Covid-19 restrictions and tight border controls had … Read more

China lost its Yangtze River dolphin. Climate change is coming for other species next

“The baiji, or Yangtze River dolphin, was this unique and beautiful creature — there was nothing quite like it,” said Samuel Turvey, a British zoologist and conservationist who spent more than two decades in China trying to track the animal down. “It was around for tens of millions of years and was in its own … Read more

China lost its Yangtze River dolphin. Climate change is coming for other species next

CNN – They called it the “Goddess of the Yangtze” – a creature so rare that it was believed to bring fortune and protection to local fishermen and all those lucky enough to spot it. But overfishing and human activity drove it to the brink of extinction and it has not been seen in decades. … Read more

In Hong Kong, mourning the Queen has another purpose: defying China

Crowds of more than 2,500 people of varying ages lined up for hours outside the British consulate Monday, enduring sweltering temperatures. of 33 degrees Celsius (91 Fahrenheit), to leave flowers, framed photographs and messages thanking the “boss lady” or “lady in charge” — as she was often known in Cantonese during the colonial years. For … Read more