Norway’s last Arctic miners struggle with coal mine’s end

By GIOVANNA DELL’ORTO January 27, 2023 GMT ADVENTDALEN, Norway (AP) – Kneeling by his crew as they drilled steel bolts into the low roof of a tunnel miles-deep into an Arctic mountain, Geir Strand reflected on the impact of their coal mine’s impending closure. “It’s true coal is polluting, but … they should have … Read more

Church helps mining community evolve in dark, warming Arctic

By GIOVANNA DELL’ORTO January 26, 2023 GMT LONGYEARBYEN, Norway (AP) — The warm glow of Svalbard Kirke’s lights gleams on the snow-covered mountain slope from where the church stands like a beacon over this remote Norwegian Arctic village, cloaked in the polar night’s constant darkness. A century after it was founded to minister to … Read more

Brazil’s new president works to reverse Amazon deforestation

By FABIANO MAISONNAVE and DIANE JEANTET January 22, 2023 GMT RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Shaking a traditional rattle, Brazil’s incoming head of indigenous affairs recently walked through every corner of the agency’s headquarters – even its coffee room – as she invoked help from ancestors during a cleansing ritual. The ritual carried extra … Read more

At Davos, UN chief warns the world is in a ‘sorry state’

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) – The world is in a “sorry state” because of myriad interlinked challenges including climate change and Russia’s war in Ukraine that are “piling up like cars in a chain reaction crash,” the UN chief said at the World Economic Forum’s meeting Wednesday. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres delivered his gloomy message on … Read more

Economic woes, war, climate change on tap for Davos meeting

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) – The World Economic Forum is back with its first winter meetup since 2020 in the Swiss Alpine town of Davos, where leaders are seeking to bridge political divisions in a polarized worldbuttress a hobbling economy and address concerns about climate change — among many other things. Sessions will take up issues … Read more

Study: Two-thirds of glaciers on track to disappear by 2100

The world’s glaciers are shrinking and disappearing faster than scientists thought, with two-thirds of them projected to melt out of existence by the end of the century at current climate change trends, according to a new study. But if the world can limit future warming to just a few tenths of a degree and fulfill … Read more

Frigid monster storm across US claims at least 24 lives

BUFFALO, NY (AP) — Millions of people hunkered down against a deep freeze Sunday morning to ride out the frigid storm that has killed at least 24 people across the United States and is expected to claim more lives after trapping some residents inside houses with heaping snow drifts and knocking out power to several … Read more

Japan adopts plan to maximize nuclear energy, in major shift

TOKYO (AP) – Japan adopted a plan on Thursday to extend the lifespan of nuclear reactors, replace the old ones and even build new ones, a major shift in a country scarred by the Fukushima disaster that once planned to phase out atomic power. In the face of global fuel shortages, rising prices and pressure … Read more

As the climate clock ticks, aviators race to photograph glaciers

By NAT CASTAÑEDA December 20, 2022 GMT VOSS, Norway (AP) – Chunks of ice float in milky blue waters. Clouds drift and hide imposing mountaintops. The closer you descend to the surface, the more the water roars – and the louder the “CRACK” of ice, as pieces fall from the arm of Europe’s largest … Read more

‘God’s plan’: Family flees amid catastrophic Nigeria floods

By CHINEDU ASADU December 8, 2022 GMT TABAWA, Nigeria (AP) – When the floodwaters reached Aisha Ali’s hut made of woven straw mats and raffia palms, she packed up what belongings she could and set off on foot with her eight youngest children. Ali, 40, knew she and her family might never see their … Read more