Texan John Poulos Arrested for Murder of Colombian DJ Found in Suitcase

CAUCA, Colombia—American citizen John Poulos, 35, was arrested by Interpol officers last week in Panama for the alleged murder of his fiancée, a celebrated DJ from Bogotá. The body of Valentina Trespalacios, 21, was found in a dumpster on Jan. 22 in the Fontibón district of the Colombian capital, according to the public prosecutor’s office. … Read more

Why Colombia was forced to backtrack on a promising ceasefire announcement

CNN – What began as a hopeful announcement of a six-month ceasefire with the National Liberation Army (ELN) and other armed groups in Colombia, has ended in a political entanglement that casts doubts on the armed groups’ desire for peace – and raises questions about Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s future announcements regarding the ongoing peace … Read more

Colombia’s drug problem is worse than ever. But it has a radical solution

Bogota CNN – When Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s first progressive president, took office in August, he laid out an ambitious agenda. His administration would finally achieve a stable peace with Colombia’s multiple rebel organizations; it would fight inequality by taxing the top 1% and lifting millions out of poverty; and it would abandon a punitive approach … Read more

Ahead of Xi meeting, Biden calls out China – POLITICO

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – US President Joe Biden offered a full-throated American commitment to the nations of Southeast Asia on Saturday, pledging at a Cambodian summit to help stand against China’s growing dominance in the region – without mentioning the other superpower by name. Chinese President Xi Jinping was not in the room at the … Read more

Colombia-Venezuela border reopening raises hopes, new questions Border Disputes News

Bogota, Colombia Residents on both sides of the Colombia-Venezuela border turned out en masse this week to welcome the reopening of the Simon Bolivar International Bridge. Two commercial trucks – covered in the two nations’ respective flags, along with phrases of friendship and balloons – rumbled across the key border point, as vendors stood behind … Read more

Mexico vs Colombia LIVE: Score Updates (1-0) | 09/27/2022

10:24 PM4 minutes ago 22′ Antuna’s diagonal, but the defense ends up clearing the ball and preventing Martin from shooting. 10:21 PM8 minutes ago 17′ The match is quite hard fought, both teams are pressing to reach the opponent’s goal. 10:12 PM16 minutes ago 10′ Antuna’s shot, but it goes over the goal. 10:08 PM20 … Read more