Tom Brady’s TB12 Method is in schools. Experts have doubts.

In some Tampa Bay-area schools, students use foam rollers and vibrating spheres to massage their muscles as they work toward goals for strength and flexibility. It’s all part of a new physical education curriculum from quarterback Tom Bradywhose vision for healthy living is fueling a fitness empire. The arrangement with schools in Pinellas County, Florida, … Read more

Will Tropical Storm Hermine form in the Caribbean?

Forecasters are watching five systems in the Atlantic basin. National Hurricane Center The Atlantic basin remains crowded Thursday morning, with forecasters monitoring five systems: ▪ A disturbance Florida is closely watching in the Caribbean Sea that has a high chance of turning into a tropical depression in the next couple of days. ▪ Two systems … Read more

Wendy Williams ‘at death’s door during throes of 2020 relapse’

Insiders close to Wendy Williams are now revealing just how dire the star was at the height of her 2020 relapse, just days after she checked back into treatment. Wendy, 58, was reported ‘at death’s door’ prior to her hospitalization two years ago for mental health issues and alcoholism, sources told Page Six on Friday. … Read more