Cut Marks on Bones Suggest Neanderthals Butchered Elephants

Cut marks on the heel bone of a male straight-tusked elephant, which was about 50 years old when it died.Photo: Wil Roebroeks, Leiden University Historical finds of elephant remains alongside stone tools have long prompted speculation among researchers that early humans or other hominin species may have relied on the massive mammals for food. Now, … Read more

AI Art Generators Can Simply Copy Existing Images

The image on the right was generated by taking the training data caption for the left image “Living in the light with Ann Graham Lotz” and then feeding it into the Stable Diffusion prompt. Image: Cornell University/Extracting Training Data from Diffusion Models One of the main defenses used by those who are bullish on AI … Read more

Director on New Peacock Mystery Series

Natasha Lyonne is Charlie, the star of the new show Poker Face.Image: Peacock Columbo. Kojak. Murder, She Wrote. These are the shows most commonly mentioned when describing Peacock’s new show, Poker Face. And, it being from Rian Johnsonthe mastermind behind the Knives Out films (as well as The Last Jedi), the comparisons are accurate and … Read more

The Outbreak Begins on HBO’s Show

Time to learn more about Ellie, and the virus. Image: HBO The second episode of The Last of Us was all about beginnings: the beginning of the viral outbreak that would basically end the world, and the beginning of Joel and Ellie’s story as a pair, along with Tess, set out into the open world … Read more

Paizo President Reveals Plans for a Universal RPG License

While Wizards of the Coast was still assembling his party, other leaders in the tabletop roleplaying games industry were studying the blade. As fans waited for the Hasbro-owned company to respond to the ongoing controversy over the Dungeons & Dragons Open Game License, Paizo announced it would be financially supporting an initiative to establish a … Read more

Willow Ep 6 Recap, Prisoners of Skellin With Christian Slater

Time to go under the mountain and investigate some mysteries on Willow.Image: Lucasfilm On last week’s Willow, the Bone Reavers spoke about the horrors of the underground mountain home of the trolls called Skellin, and I really, really wanted to see it. thankfully just one week laterthis sixth episode of Willow did just that as … Read more

His Dark Materials Series Finale Recap: All About Eve

Photo: HBO There is a certain irony that the final two episodes of His Dark Materials, the TV adaptation of Philip Pullman’s YA fantasy novels, aired one day after Christmas. On December 25, one of the world’s larger religions celebrated the arrival of its messianic figure, while tonight, a bunch of soldiers, angels, witches, anda … Read more

A Decade-Old Coyote Attack Mystery May Be Solved

Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) In 2009, a pack of coyotes living in Canada’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park killed a 19-year-old hiker in a seemingly unprovoked attack. It was the first coyote-related killing ever documented in Canada and only the second in North America, following the 1981 death of a toddler in California. More than a … Read more

His Dark Materials Season 3 Premiere Recap: The Break

Photo: Simon Ridgway/HBO If you care enough about His Dark Materials to watch the season three premiere today, you know the score: It’s been just under two years since the second season finale of the adaptation of Philip Pullman’s acclaimed fantasy trilogy aired. So it’s genuinely impressive how seamlessly season three begins, not only following … Read more

Disappointing Tim Burton Netflix Series

Image: Netflix While Tim Burton’s Wednesday certainly attempts to imitate the aesthetic of the ’90s Addams Family films, the surrounding plot and characters of Netflix’s newest teen drama fails to capture the morbid charm of Charles Addams’ gothic family. The eight-episode Netflix series follows Wednesday (Scream‘s Jenna Ortega) as she attempts to solve a gruesome … Read more