Chinese cities ease COVID curbs as virus keeps spreading

BEIJING, Dec 2 (Reuters) – Some communities in Chinese cities where COVID-19 is still spreading are easing off on testing requirements and quarantine rules ahead of an expected shift in virus policies nationwide after widespread social unrest. The uneven relaxation of COVID restrictions is, however, fueling fear among some residents who suddenly feel more exposed … Read more

China softens tone on COVID severity after protests

BEIJING, Dec 1 (Reuters) – China is softening its tone on the severity of COVID-19 and easing some coronavirus restrictions even as its daily case toll hovers near record highs, after anger over the world’s toughest curbs fueled protests across the country. Several cities in the world’s second-largest economy, while still reporting new infections, are … Read more

COVID protests escalate in Guangzhou as China lockdown anger boils

SHANGHAI/BEIJING, Nov 30 (Reuters) – People in the Chinese manufacturing hub of Guangzhou clashed with white hazmat-suited riot police on Tuesday night, videos on social media showed, as frustration with stringent COVID-19 rules boiled over, three years into the pandemic. The clashes in the southern city marked an escalation from protests in the commercial hub … Read more

China’s lockdown protests spread to campuses and cities abroad

HONG KONG, Nov 28 (Reuters) – Protests against China’s strict zero-COVID policy and restrictions on freedoms have spread to at least a dozen cities around the world in a show of solidarity with rare displays of defiance in China over the weekend. Expatriate dissidents and students staged small-scale vigils and protests in cities around the … Read more

They call it ‘The Hole’: Ukrainians describe the horrors of Kherson occupation

Residents describe detention, torture and death in Kherson Nine-month occupation ended on Friday as Russians retreated Among those detained were suspected resistance fighters Russia denies mistreating detainees UN officials say both sides have abused prisoners of war KHERSON, Ukraine, Nov 16 (Reuters) – Residents in Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson call the two-storey police station … Read more

Teenager’s defiance sums up Ukraine’s resilience amid Russian onslaught

Defiant Ukrainians despite Russian attacks on infrastructure Millions of people go without power, some also without water Sociologists see no sign of resolve to fight Russia is weakening War now into ninth month, tough winter looms MOSHCHUN, Ukraine, Nov 9 (Reuters) – In a village devastated by Russia’s abortive assault on nearby Kyiv in March, … Read more

Ukrainian forces brace for bloody fight for Kherson

Ukrainian forces close in on Russian-controlled Kherson Re-taking the city would be a major victory in the war Kherson acts as a gateway to Crimea, annexed in 2014 Soldiers in trenches foresee a fierce battle ahead FRONTLINE WEST OF KHERSON, Ukraine, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Oleh, the commander of a Ukrainian mechanized infantry unit dug … Read more

Iran prison fire kills four, injures 61 as protests persist

Iranian judiciary says those killed died of smoke inhalation Iran says calm returns to Evin prison after fire, airs footage Fire comes amid widespread protests, brutal crackdown Iran accuses Biden of interfering in state affairs Protests sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death entered the second month DUBAI, Oct 16 (Reuters) – A fire at Iran’s Evin … Read more

Iran intensifies crackdown on Kurdish areas as protests rage

Rights group says 7 killed in unrest in Kurdish region Police search homes, arrest dozens in a Kurdish city, source says Judge orders harsh sentences for ‘rioters’ Top official questions whether police should be enforcing hijab DUBAI, Oct 13 (Reuters) – Iranian security forces stepped up their crackdown on Kurdish regions of the country overnight, … Read more

Iran protests over woman’s death persist despite crackdown

Protesters are calling for an end to clerical rule Social media show tanks being moved to Kurdish regions Iran blames Iranian Kurdish dissidents for some unrest Protests spread to vital energy sector DUBAI, Oct 11 (Reuters) – Clashes between protesters and security forces persisted across Iran on Tuesday, with social media videos showing tanks being … Read more