Harris dives into Asian diplomacy amid questions back home about her political future

Palawan, Philippines CNN – Vice President Kamala Harris is sticking close to her script when responding to what Democrats hope will once again be their greatest electoral mobilizer: Donald Trump and his third White House bid. “The president said he intends to run and if he does, I will be running with him,” she told … Read more

Kamala Harris’ visit to the Philippines sends China a message of US intent

CNN – A Philippine archipelago known for tropical vacations will become the focus of political attention this week when Vice President Kamala Harris becomes the highest ranking US official to visit its main island. Palawan is home to dive resorts as well as a Philippine military base that Harris will visit on Tuesday, according to … Read more

Harris will cast US as ‘better partner’ for economic stability in Indo-Pacific on Asia trip

CNN – Vice President Kamala Harris leaves for Thailand and the Philippines on Wednesday to cast the US as the Indo-Pacific’s “better partner” for economic stability amid China’s push to expand its own influence in the region. The vice president’s visit comes on the heels of President Joe Biden’s weeklong trip in the same region, … Read more