NFL Week 2 expert roundtable: Avoiding the dreaded 0-2 start, new coaches and upset picks

Despite the fireworks of otherworldly quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes (oh, man — that pass) and a dinged-up Justin Herbert (oh, man — his pass!), Thursday night’s Chargers-Chiefs tilt was decided in large part by the Kansas City defense. Early in the fourth quarter, rookie cornerback Jaylen Watson intercepted a misguided Herbert goal-line toss and returned it … Read more

How will the Pittsburgh Steelers regroup after the TJ Watt injury?

PITTSBURGH — Two days after lip readers shook their heads as they saw him tell Steelers medical personnel that he tore his left pec as he walked off the field in Cincinnati, TJ Watt relayed another meaningful message. Tweeting a Terminator gif with the catchphrase “I’ll be back,” Watt allayed fears Tuesday afternoon that his … Read more

Pittsburgh Steelers TJ Watt being evaluated for pec injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense began the season Sunday looking like a vulturous force, and reigning Defensive Player of the Year TJ Watt was the chief disruptor. Then Watt walked off injured in the fourth quarter, his left arm hanging limply at this side, casting serious doubt on when Pittsburgh might look so fearful again. Watt … Read more