Scientists plot the resurrection of a bird that has been extinct since the 17th century

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN – No other animal is as inexorably linked with extinction as the dodo, an odd-looking flightless bird that lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean until the late 17th century. The … Read more

With a finch and a fish, this scientist has changed our understanding of the tree of life

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN – On the Galapagos Islands, a ground finch that usually munched on small, soft seeds was forced, during a drought, to eat harder, larger ones. Within the space of a few generations, the bird … Read more

Promising gene therapy delivers treatment directly to the brain

When Rylae-Ann Poulin was a year old, she didn’t crawl or babble like other kids her age. A rare genetic disorder kept her from even lifting her head. Her parents took turns holding her upright at night just so she could breathe comfortably and sleep. Then, months later, doctors delivered gene therapy directly to her … Read more

AI tools can create new images, but who is the real artist?

NEW YORK (AP) – Countless artists have taken inspiration from “The Starry Night” since Vincent Van Gogh painted the swirling scene in 1889. Now artificial intelligence systems are doing the same, training themselves on a vast collection of digitized artworks to produce new images you can conjure in seconds from a smartphone app. The images … Read more

Joshimath: A Himalayan gateway in India’s Uttarakhand state is sinking

CNN – For years, residents in the northern Indian city of Joshimath have complained to local officials that their homes are sinking. Now the authorities are being forced to take action, evacuating nearly 100 families in the last week and expediting the arrival of experts to determine the cause. Cracks running through the city are … Read more

Study: Two-thirds of glaciers on track to disappear by 2100

The world’s glaciers are shrinking and disappearing faster than scientists thought, with two-thirds of them projected to melt out of existence by the end of the century at current climate change trends, according to a new study. But if the world can limit future warming to just a few tenths of a degree and fulfill … Read more

Drone advances in Ukraine could bring the dawn of killer robots

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Drone advances in Ukraine have accelerated a long-anticipated technology trend that could soon bring the world’s first fully autonomous fighting robots to the battlefield, inaugurating a new age of warfare. The longer the war lasts, the more likely it becomes that drones will be used to identify, select and attack targets … Read more

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Forever How the World Does Science

Last week, 10 months after Russia invaded his country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made an uncertain trip to Washington, DC to ask the US for additional aid to finally end the conflict—which continues to stoke fears over environmental catastrophe in the wake of Russian attacks. on Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, as well as Russian threats … Read more

This Is What Scientists Expect From the COVID Virus in 2023

2023 could be the year the world finally figures out how to live with COVID. Well, now of the world. Ironically, we’ll have the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to thank for it. Successive waves of infections from Omicron and its subvariants, starting in late 2021, have produced so much natural immunity across the … Read more

Japan adopts plan to maximize nuclear energy, in major shift

TOKYO (AP) – Japan adopted a plan on Thursday to extend the lifespan of nuclear reactors, replace the old ones and even build new ones, a major shift in a country scarred by the Fukushima disaster that once planned to phase out atomic power. In the face of global fuel shortages, rising prices and pressure … Read more