Why it’s a great thing for college basketball for the NBA to end one-and-done

My overriding feeling when I heard that one-and-done might finally be done was relief, for one simple reason: I’m tired of hearing about it. Ever since the NBA instituted the 19-year-old draft minimum in 2005 (was it really that long ago?), it seems that everything that went wrong in and around men’s college basketball was … Read more

Why the Patrick Mahomes-Justin Herbert showdown on Amazon will produce paltry viewership

Follow our live coverage of Chiefs vs. Chargers. The NFL again delivered stellar ratings in Week 1 with 20 million viewers tuning into Monday Night Football alone on cable channel ESPN, and more than 121 million overall across the first 16 games, the league crowed. And then there is tonight. Look for viewership for Thursday … Read more