Putin’s Pals Furious Younger Russians Don’t Want to Die in Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marches on, there is a dark undercurrent of waning public support—and it’s coming through even on tightly controlled state television. In the first days of the bloody war, the public was promised a quick victory due to the superiority of Russia’s military. Instead, the Kremlin’s offensive has been plagued by … Read more

Timeline: Week 23 of Russia’s war in Ukraine Russia-Ukraine war News

Al Jazeera looks at the main events that marked the 23rd week of the war in Ukraine: July 27 In Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk province, Russian forces focus on attacking Siversk and Bakhmut. Ukrainian general staff reported unsuccessful Russian attempts to attack Verkhnokamyanske, east of Siversk. The general staff also said Ukrainian forces repelled Russian efforts … Read more

Officials Blast Amnesty International Report Accusing Ukraine of Endangering Civilians

A report from Amnesty International published Thursday claims that Ukrainian forces are putting civilians at risk by setting up bases in residential neighborhoods, even as authorities continue to deride Russian forces for committing atrocities against Ukrainians. “Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, … Read more

Blinken says Russia is using Ukraine nuclear plant as “equivalent of a human shield”

United Nations – Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke at the United Nations Monday about what he called “a critical moment” in efforts to keep the world safe from nuclear threats. At the opening of the 10th annual Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference at the UN, Blinken pointed to North Korea’s “unlawful nuclear program” and … Read more

Did Russia deliberately kill Vadatursky, Ukraine’s grain tycoon? | Russia-Ukraine war News

Kyiv, Ukraine – Oleksiy Vadatursky was known as a “grain tycoon” who helped make Ukraine a key wheat exporter. A Russian missile killed him and his wife Raisa in their house in the southern city of Mykolaiv on Sunday, raising suspicion among Ukrainian politicians and pundits who called their death a calculated murder aimed at … Read more

Putin’s Managed to Enrage His Last Supporters in Ukraine

ODESA, Ukraine—Russia has been bombarding the seaside city of Odesa since the earliest days of its war in Ukraine—but the critical grain port has become a symbol of ongoing local resistance, where even former pro-Russian stalwarts are now embracing Ukrainian patriotism. “The longer the war goes on, the fewer people sympathize with Russia in Ukraine. … Read more

Russia silent as UN, Red Cross wants access to where Ukrainian POWs were killed

The United Nations and the Red Cross demanded Saturday access to the prison where dozens of Ukrainian POWs were killed, but Russia has so far met their requests with silence. The UN wants to investigate the attack in the town of Olenivka in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine, which Moscow said killed 53 Ukrainian POWs and wounded … Read more