What are popular baby names associated with travel? See the lists

Baby Emma, ​​David or Elizabeth? Not for American parents Caitlin and Luke McNeal. Rather than naming their children after grandparents, biblical figures or the British monarchy, the couple chose the names of places that hold meaningful travel memories for them. “Kinsale was when we lived in Ireland, and we vacationed in Kinsale and fell in … Read more

Growing popularity could be undone by one accident

21 July 2022, Bavaria, Essenbach: Water vapor rises behind sunflowers from the cooling system of the nuclear power plant (NPP) Isar 2. Picture Alliance | Picture Alliance | Getty Images Nuclear energy is at an inflection point. Early exuberance about its potential was undercut by a series of devastating and dangerous accidents: Three Mile Island … Read more

Senate backs Finland, Sweden for NATO 95-1, rebooking Russia

WASHINGTON (AP) – US Senators delivered overwhelming bipartisan approval to NATO membership for Finland and Sweden Wednesday, calling expansion of the Western defensive bloc a “slam-dunk” for US national security and a day of reckoning for Russian President Vladimir Putin over his invasion. of Ukraine. Wednesday’s 95-1 vote — for the candidacy of two Western … Read more

5 things to know for August 3: Primaries, Taiwan, Monkeypox, January 6, Kentucky

CNN – US veterans service organizations are breathing a sigh of relief after the Senate passed a long sought-after bill on Tuesday to expand care for millions of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. The legislation now heads to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into law. Here’s what you need to know Get … Read more

Stocks fall for a second day as investors weigh China tensions, new batch of earnings

Bill Ackman calls for further rate hikes Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman said on “Squawk Box” that the Federal Reserve needs to hike rates to around 4% or higher in order to fight off inflation. “I think rates are going to need to stay 4%-plus for the foreseeable future — 12 to 18 months, or … Read more

EXPLAINER: Who was al-Zawahri – and why did the US kill him?

WASHINGTON (AP) – A US drone strike Ayman al-Zawahri was killed in Afghanistan this weekend, who helped Osama bin Laden plot the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and helped al-Qaida survive and spread in the years after. By finding and striking al-Zawahiri, President Joe Biden said, the US was ensuring that Afghanistan … Read more

Kyle Busch open to racing ‘for under my market value’ in ’23

INDIANAPOLIS — Kyle Busch started his Saturday by joining past winners at the hallowed Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a class photo on the Yard of Bricks. He was seated next to Arie Luyendyk, in front of Marcus Ericsson, Alexander Rossi and Helio Castroneves — a combined eight Indy 500 titles flanking NASCAR’s only active driver … Read more

Will the Middle East be a flashpoint between the US and China? | News

Eighteen months into his term in office, United States President Joe Biden paid his first visit to the Middle East earlier this month – a region that once sat at the center of his country’s foreign policy. But, even with these long-term allies, the subject of China was not far away. “We have to … … Read more

Biden could unlock new powers by declaring a ‘climate emergency’ Climate Crisis News

Los Angeles, California – US President Joe Biden is considering declaring a national climate emergency, which would allow him to unlock new executive powers to kick-start climate action. John Kerry, the special presidential climate envoy, told the New York Times last week that the debate within the United States administration was over when the declaration … Read more

‘The Russians have nothing equivalent’: How HIMARS helps Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine war News

The M142 HIMARS, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems supplied to Ukraine by the United States, have become a symbol of Russian vulnerability. In the occupied southern Kherson oblast, posters appeared in July featuring a picture of a HIMARS system and words threatening retribution on the Russians for “looting, killing, rape, destruction”. Now, the Eastern … Read more