Breaking down England’s 11-minute masterclass of time-wasting that won Euro 2022

Taking it to the corner is time-wasting at its best, and this was an absolute masterclass from Sarina Wiegman’s side — particularly Chloe Kelly and Ella Toone. And they only took it to the right-hand corner. But it wasn’t just those two who helped England wind down the clock after Kelly gave them a 2-1 … Read more

England hero Chloe Kelly: An iconic celebration and the perfect blend of fire and ice

“It is one of the only times in the women’s game I’ve seen a training-ground bust-up,” Willie Kirk, who coached Chloe Kelly at Everton, tells The Athletic after the 2022 European Championship final. “It was two players just desperate to win, going hard into a real meaty challenge and a little bit of afters. Chloe … Read more

Sarina Wiegman proved herself a great football manager in the way she won Euro 2022

Sarina Wiegman now belongs in the pantheon of great football managers. If that sounds like a knee-jerk reaction after England’s victory last night, it’s worth considering that no one has ever won two European Championships — or World Cups, for that matter — with different nations in either the women’s or men’s game. Wiegman was … Read more

Euro 2022 vs Euro 2017 is a different ball game: England pass completion is up 20%

Across almost every aspect of Euro 2022, the numbers are up dramatically from Euro 2017: higher prize money, higher attendances and higher viewing figures. But what has perhaps been overlooked so far is the rise in the quality of football. Over the last half-decade, the women’s game has improved considerably – and England has represented … Read more