Texans blowout another sign this is not the same old Jaguars

HOUSTON — Do all the longtime Jaguars’ naysayers, including some in their own fan base, believe now?

Isn’t it time, after a decade-plus accumulation of negativity about one of the losingest NFL franchises, to consider dismissing so many preconceived notions about the black and teal?

Or will nobody be convinced that any past Jaguars demons have been exorcised until they hang an AFC South banner, by virtue of taking down the Tennessee Titans next weekend in a division-deciding showdown?

Forget that. The 2022 Jaguars deserve better. They’ve earned a considerable supply of benefit of the doubt.

So take all the past baggage — the tarps-over-the-seats, the stupid moving-to-London rumors, the annual draft hype starting in November, the when-will-we-find-a-quarterback laments, the AFC South basement finishes, the Urban Meyer debacle followed by the fire-Trent-Baalke movement — and just put it in cold storage.

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